Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) youth, parents, and virtual lurkers,

Yes we are indeed!

Yes we are indeed!

After hibernating the past few weeks of Winter in a cave which we like to call home, our friendly California golden bears (a.k.a. ISGL Youth Group Mentors) have arisen from their slumber. As we walked outside to be greeted by the cold air and white snow, our thoughts turned to the young lads we had not seen for what felt like an eternity (not sure what an eternity feels like but if you know, please let us know!). After enjoying a warm meal and P90X super workout courtesy of Tony Horton (okay this only happened in our mind but still) to get the muscles going, our mentors hunkered down and gleefully produced what we expect will be a jaw-dropping, heart-pounding IYG Spring 2013 Program. Yes, that last behemoth of a statement was a run-on sentence.

What does the schedule of events look like for Spring 2013? Click here to find out a partially unveiled schedule for your eyes to feast upon! The full schedule will be unveiled to our registered members in two weeks time in shaa Allah. Until then, you’ll have to think hard and figure the clues present in the calendar in the above link.

To register for the Spring 2013 Program, please complete the registration form (see link below to Word file) and drop-off registration fees to Br. Haroon Mohammad. Early registration deadline is Friday, January 25, 2013 at 6:00 PM. January 25 also marks the official kick-off for the Spring 2013 program (weather-permitting)!

ISGL Youth Group Registration Form – Spring 2013