Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) youth, parents, and mentors,

Catapults. Creativity. Craziness. Cuckoo – what our youth thought our mentors were after being told they would be making catapults on Friday evening. This (crazy) activity idea however provided a great teaching lesson for our young men regarding important points to keep in mind to reach our life goals – we must set goals to aim for, have a plan to achieve each goal, and then put in the hard work to reach our goals. The goal tonight – construct a catapult from a few simple items commonly found around the house (such as tape, Popsicle sticks, and paper). The plan – our youth were given specific, step-by-step, DETAILED directions (turn-by-turn navigation if you will) by IYG’s clever master designer (Mr. Issa) on how to build their catapults. The result – as some youth quickly found out, if you don’t follow the plan, you won’t reach your goal (and in this case, there were some un-catapult looking catapults that were built). However, several of our youth (here’s looking at you Muhammad, Elyas, Ahmed, and company) did a superb job with the directions, and in the end, their catapults were gleefully launching paper balls around the ISGL library as their fellow IYGers took cover under the tables. Maybe our mentors aren’t so cuckoo after all! In shaa Allah we’ll try to post a few pictures from this event in the coming days. Until next time… our catapults didn't look quite this fancy.

Yeah…so our catapults didn’t look quite this fancy.