Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) IYGers,

One cooking lesson per night is not enough, right? After our mini-men completed their Rice Krispy bake-off, our teens traveled to the Purdue Co-Rec Demo Kitchen to test their hand at preparing a delicious four-course Mediterranean-themed dinner. Under the careful supervision of the Co-Rec staff, our teens learned important techniques including proper knife handling, quick ways to chop herbs, checking if one’s fish is at proper temperature for consumption, and preparing a fruity couscous (yes you read that correctly). Working together our young men learned how to prepare hummus from scratch, tilapia with chopped vegetables, couscous, peach-cream dessert, and a delicious non-alcoholic fruit sangria to drink. After the cooking lesson was done, our youth had a chance to dig in and enjoy what their clever hands had prepared. We concluded the evening by continuing our seerah discussion. For this event, we focused on the response of Prophet Muhammad, salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam (peace an blessings be upon him), after receiving the first verses of revelation of the Qur’an. One of the lessons learned was the importance of building and maintaining relationships with family and friends (who can support you during both good times and times of difficulty). A few snapshots from Friday night’s event can be found below:

Hmmm...I wonder what we'll be doing tonight?

Hmmm…I wonder what we’ll be doing tonight?

Cutting basil of course!

Cutting basil of course!

Mohamed carefully dices an onion as Omar observes with fear...he"ll be okay Omar.

Mohamed carefully dices an onion as Omar observes with fear…he”ll be okay Omar.

Talal gets to work on our apricot dessert...honey is the key ingredient here.

Talal gets to work on our peach dessert…honey is the key ingredient here.

Now comes the good part...cream + honey + peach = YUMMY!

Now comes the good part…cream + honey + peach = YUMMY!

Time to eat! Fruit sangria...delicious!

Time to eat! Fruit sangria…delicious!

Hummus anyone?

Hummus anyone?

Tilapia and couscous...dinner can now begin!

Tilapia and couscous…dinner can now begin!