Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) readers,

Two weeks ago our IYG teens took part in an awesome cooking lesson at the Purdue Co-Rec; this lesson was followed by a discussion on Prophet Muhammad, salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings be upon him), response after receiving the first verses of revelation of the Qur’an. Tonight (over a delicious snack of gelato and hot cocoa) we continued our seerah discussion by looking at how the residents of Mecca responded to Prophet Muhammad and the early followers of Islam. Simply put, many of the Meccan residents were a tad bit unhappy. The stronger leaders voiced their displeasure openly by harassing and verbally abusing the Muslims. Other leaders even resorted to physically abusing the Muslims who were in a weak position in their society. The experience of the early Muslims in Mecca provided a good teaching lesson for our teens; the issue of Islamophobia has become more prevalent in the United States. Our Muslim youth often face negative experiences in their schools (being called offensive names, having to respond to incorrect stereotypes, etc. by their classmates because of their lack of understanding about Islam and Muslims) and struggle to find ways to respectfully respond to such experiences. Learning that Prophet Muhammad and his followers experienced Islamophobia from the residents of Mecca provides a source of comfort for our teens (knowing that they are not the first ones to go through such a difficult experience). However, the seerah also provides valuable lessons on how we can respond to such criticism and negativity in a positive manner. These lessons will be the topic of a future discussion in shaa Allah (God-willing).

Gelato and hot cocoa - perfect snacks for a seerah discussion!

Gelato and hot cocoa – perfect snacks for a seerah discussion!