Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you),

Below is an updated table containing the total number of points each young man (age 8-18) has earned thus far in the Spring 2012 Program. Remember, youth ages 10 and above must earn at least 130 points to be eligible to join us for the Indianapolis Zoo Trip!!!  For youth ages 8 and 9 years old, we’ll award a special gift at the end of the semester for youth who earn at least 130 points.

How do you increase your point total? For every positive action our youth display, they earn 3 points. Positive acts include:

– Verbal praise or encouragement to a teammate during a group project or sporting activity

– Gently reminding others about not using foul language if someone messes up

– Showing up on time to an activity

– Answering questions during our weekly youth discussions

– Putting into practice a lesson learned during our youth discussion (for example showing good sportsmanship, listening to teammates in a group project, showing compassion to the sick, etc.)

However, youth can also lose 3 points for negative actions including:

– Verbal abuse, mocking someone, or use of curse words

– Physical abuse towards a volunteer or member of youth group

– Showing up late to an activity

– Horsing around or creating a disturbance during the youth discussion

Without further ado, the current point totals:

How have our youth been doing thus far in the spring semester? Look no further than the points table for your answer!